Endless Dive is an instrumental post-rock band from Belgium.


Following their first LP “Falltime”, Endless Dive will release a second album in 2021.

Blending different influences issued from the indie, math-rock and post-hardcore scenes, the band delivers a powerful post-rock mixing atmospheric waves and punchy riffs. Notable influences are / For fans of This Will Destroy You, Defeater, Totorro, Russian Circle and Touche Amore.

After releasing a first self/tilted EP and playing several shows accros Europe (BE, FR, CZ, SK), the band had the opportunity to perform at the Dour Festival 2018 and to reach the final of the notorious belgian contest Concours Circuit.

In January 2019, Endless Dive has released their very first LP Falltime, out on Luik Records (BE), Voice of the Unheard (FR), Uproar for Veneration records (FR), Dingleberry records (GR), Timtam Records (GR) and Friend of Mine records (JP).


Reviews includes media like Mowno (FR / Web), BeCult (BE / Web), Classic 21 (BE / Radio), Moustique (BE / Web & Paper), etc.
Details and content compiled over here.


Notable past events :

// July 2018 : Dour Festival

// March 2019 : Falltime TourSupersonic (Paris / FR)

// April 2019 : Falltime Tour — (Nuits) Botanique (Brussels / BE) w/ Zeal & Ardor (CH), Lysistrata (FR) and The Psychotic Monks (FR)

// June 2019 : Aucard de Tours Festival (Tours / FR)

// July 2019 : En Nord Beat Festival (Bailleul / FR)

// Septembre 2019 : L’Astrolab (Orléans / FR) w/ IT IT ANITA (BE) and Mathem And Tricks (FR)

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